New Video: See c-tailing in action in a grocery store environment

Would you like to see NCR’s c-tailing revolution in action? Check out this “Day in the Life” video, and view an end-to-end example of converged retailing from the [...]

New Video: See c-tailing in action in a grocery store environment

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2013 was a sweet year for NCR. With its acquisition of Israeli-based Retalix, a leading provider of software solutions for retail companies around the world for over thirty years, Israel and Israelis are benefitting [...]

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In this video Kevin Briggs – an evangelist for our European retail solutions, based out of the London office – discusses how retailers can more effectively engage with today’s tech-savvy consumer. -Consumers expect and demand [...]

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Euroshop 2014 Session: What’s Driving Change in Shopping and How Retailers Are Responding

Retail innovations are changing the way people shop and the way retailers are responding to their needs.  At Euroshop 2014, Ralf Kluth of NCR, will discuss the key drivers of change within retail. Some [...]