Point-of-Sale — 02 January 2014
NCR and Intel Demonstrating The Future of Retail at NRF 2014

Six ways NCR and Intel are changing the look of NRF… and Retail.


When the NRF Big Show rolls into New York City this January, NCR and Intel, two innovative technology leaders, will feature what’s “retail essential” in a brand-enhancing new light. Building on our thirty-year partnership with Intel, we deliver the everyday transactions that make life easier, and are featuring solutions that will transform your business, and reinvent the customer experience.


Here’s just a peak of six things we have in store for you at our NRF booth this January:

Our newest point-of-sale (POS) terminal represents the latest evolution of our design and usability thinking around POS terminals.  It features a stylish all-in-one design, zero-bezel touchscreen with multi-touch, and it is the first integrated POS to leverage the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family.  Simply stated, its POS Perfected. Come see why we are proud to have reinvented the POS.

NCR Silver
There’s promotional and processing gold to be made with NCR Silver, the total end-to-end marketing and POS solution for Small Business now available on Intel-powered tablets for real time, real-world mobility. Enjoy a hands-on experience that demonstrates the on-the-go power and performance that can truly empower your employees and help you grow your business.

NCR Advanced Store Mobile POS with Clienteling
We’re getting personal at NRF with our converged retailing NCR Advanced Store Mobile POS solution with Clienteling, which is built on Intel processing power. Provides a consistent, more personalized customer experience across all channels by linking inventories with e-commerce platforms. It’s what c-tailing is and can be for your business.

NCR Retalix 10 Mobile POS
It’s all within your associates’ reach with this Mobile POS solution from NCR. Consisting of industry leading NCR software and an Intel architecture-based tablet, Retalix 10 Mobile POS improves efficiency and productivity, allowing for store associates to close deals on the sales floor, offer cross-and up-sell options, and bust long queues with easy-to-use mobile POS capabilities.

NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage
Enjoy the show because we’re showcasing our new intelligent digital signage solution installed at Dunkin’ Donuts. What was once static now comes to life thanks to NCR digital media players with powerful Intel processors, motherboards and Solid State Drives and NCR Vitalcast content management software to deliver high-definition images, messaging and videos that change seamlessly throughout the day as well as integrate with the POS. This is not only optimizing the customer experience, it is driving operational efficiency and maximizing the company’s marketing spend for greater market share.

TV Wallet
Television viewing just got a whole lot more dynamic with this new cloud-based, digital technology offering from ACTV8, NCR and Intel. ACTV8 technology, NCR’s marketing and loyalty software plus Intel content management and mobile technology have come together to enable advertisers to bundle digital currency with ads as well as allowing viewers to interact with advertisers during their favorite shows. It’s what’s on “the tube” when you visit the NCR and Intel booths at NRF.

To experience all six solutions as well as dozens of other innovative offerings from NCR or Intel, come to NCR booth #3005 or Intel booth #2738 this January 13-14 in New York City.

Learn more at NCR at NRF 2014 or www.intel.com/retailsolutions

Follow NCR Retail @NCR_Retail and Intel @RetailerInsight.

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