Technology Takes to the Runway at NCR UK Fashion Retail Event
London's trendy SoHo area was the site for NCR's recent fashion retail technology event, which highlighted how technology can help transform the retail experience for shoppers.

London’s trendy SoHo area was the site for NCR’s recent fashion retail technology event, which highlighted how technology can help transform the retail experience for shoppers.

A recent event at the exclusive Groucho Club in London’s fashionable Soho area highlighted how innovative retail shopping technology, available now, can help revolutionize the fashion retail experience. Major European retail brands and press joined NCR, PayPal, Intel, No Need 4 Mirrors (NN4M) and ACTV8 to see first hand how technology helps retailers offer the omni-commerce services necessary to keep shoppers coming in the store, keep them coming back, increase total sales and increase shopper satisfaction.

Why is retail technology so important in the fashion industry?
Fashionable people want the latest clothes, accessories or devices. It is this desire for the hottest, most recent trends that is often reflected in their early adoption of technologies AND their demand for said technologies to be available when they make their purchases. Whether it be mobile, tablet, app, self-service or in-store point of sale, they want it working for them on their terms: personalised and working seamlessly across multiple channels to provide them with the flexibility to choose where and when they shop.

NCR was joined by partners from Intel, PayPal, ACTV8 and NN4M

NCR was joined by partners from Intel, PayPal, ACTV8 and NN4M, as well as journalists from the BBC, Wired and Retail Week

Leading fashion retailers must exceed consumer expectations, making their lives easier and their retail experience memorable. Disruptive innovation in technology can help retailers deliver on these expectations, extending consumer loyalty and increasing spend.

Customer journeys in fashion retailing
A number of customer journey demonstrations at the event focused on how disruptive innovation and omni-channel and omni-commerce solutions help retailers offer flexibility for consumers to shop how and when they want and pay using a variety of methods. Converged retailing solutions from NCR, Intel, PayPal and NN4M provide more functionality and flexibility, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of fashion retail businesses.

These included:

  • ACTV8 technology that allows shoppers to purchase items from television shows and advertisements with smartphones or tablets. Integrated with NCR Advanced Marketing Solution (AMS), the technology not only spurs purchases, but can offer shoppers rewards such as special offers or other brand-appropriate incentives and items.
  • NCR Clientelling is a new application designed to turn a tablet into an assisted selling device, bringing point of sale, customer relationship management, loyalty, recommendations and eCommerce together in a tablet-based application. The application allows store employees to provide a personal one-on-one selling experience to shoppers.
  • NCR’s Mobile Shopper allows consumers to save time and make shopping easier by using their phone to scan items within the store. They can finish their transaction through any channel with the option of paying by card, PayPal or cash as well as the option of a printed or e-receipt. An extension to the mobile application for the fitting room allows consumers to have products brought to them in their fitting room by an assistant, giving the consumer a more streamlined fitting room experience.
  • A variety of other kiosks and digital signage solutions that allow retailers to create extraordinary retail experiences. These devices can be programmed to show a variety of high-energy, visually appealing marketing images and videos to enhance the shopper experience and spur additional purchases.  Many can also accommodate assisted or self-service ecommerce uses, allowing for endless aisle, ship-to-home or pick-up-in-store and other omni-commerce functions.
A variety of technology solutions designed to meet shoppers' omni-commerce shopping needs were on display at NCR's first United Kingdom retail fashion event.
A variety of technology solutions designed to meet shoppers’ omni-commerce shopping needs were on display at NCR’s first United Kingdom retail fashion event.

While held in the United Kingdom, shoppers from around the globe are increasingly demanding more integrated omni-commerce shopping functions like mobile shopping, e-receipts, endless-aisle functions, order-online/return-to-store and more. For more information about the omni-commerce tools shoppers from a variety of countries are asking for – and which retailers are offering them – please click here to download a white paper highlighting a recent study on the topic.

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