NCR — 09 October 2013
The NCR Brand Block

NCR Brand BlockThe NCR logo was designed in 1996 by Saul Bass, the creator of some of the most iconic corporate logos of all time.

A 2011 study showed that Bass logos are some of the best-remembered, with an unusual longevity – an average lifespan of 34 years and counting. Most Bass logos are lost as the result of winding up or merger, rather than redesign.

Our new Brand Block creates recognition through the use of the distinctive NCR Green.

The new NCR green, which protects our logo, is a work of art and inspired by the American Color Field artists. It was specially commissioned and made for us in London, to emphasize our values and provides a trust mark to our customers across the world. Watch The Making of NCR Green.

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Martine Hunter
Social Media Manager

As a member of the global marketing team's digital demand center, Martine Hunter supports NCR's social media program providing the lines of business with social media solutions built around strategy, analytics and ROI.

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