VIDEO BLOG: Economics of retail bank branch networks and new models to drive growth

In this video blog our branch transformation evangelist, Martin Shires discusses the economics of retail branch networks and how new models can drive growth by [...]

VIDEO BLOG: Economics of retail bank branch networks and new models to drive growth

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The Goldilocks branch

“Thinking about the story of Goldilocks, where she wanted to find the perfect size–neither too big, nor too small, really resonates with me and the buzz in our industry. Citigroup has launched a massive [...]

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As the festive period approaches and consumer spending increases, the demand for cash from the ATM generally always peaks in December as consumers withdraw cash for spending on gifts, shopping and other activities. While [...]

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Fewer branches and more automation” seems to be the way we see the bank-customer relationship has been heading in recent years–or is it? The simple truth is that there are sizeable differences internationally in [...]

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Quality beats quantity for Europe’s ATMs

For years the focus for banks has largely been on expanding the ATM base. More machines means you can reach more consumers, and deliver the service that they demand. But while meeting the needs [...]

ATM fees: what’s the impact?

It seems like a simple equation for banks – add on a fee for using an ATM to generate enough income to offset the cost of operating the machines. Customers just don’t understand that [...]