VIDEO BLOG: Economics of retail bank branch networks and new models to drive growth

In this video blog our branch transformation evangelist, Martin Shires discusses the economics of retail branch networks and how new models can drive growth by [...]

VIDEO BLOG: Economics of retail bank branch networks and new models to drive growth

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We know. It’s really tough to keep up with the intensely fast pace of financial changes happening. (All. The. Time.) To help sort it all out, here’s a recent roundup of some news that [...]

Branch Transformation: An insider’s view of the Interactive Teller

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes at the courtesy of Terrina Rishel, CEO of ATM Authority, who interviewed Bert Watson, general counsel of United Bank in Zebulon, Ga. They discussed United’s recent NCR APTRA™ Interactive [...]

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Top-to-bottom Global ATM Servicing

How far would NCR travel to take care of our customers? To the end of the earth? Well, yes – it’s no exaggeration. Only two ATMs are in Antarctica, and both are NCR machines. [...]

NCR reaches highest spot on FinTech 100 ranking

Each year, the publishers of American Banker and Bank Technology News put out an excellent supplement to their regular publication, including a research study around the top providers of technology to the Financial Services [...]

VIDEO BLOG: Software – enabling multiple points of interaction with consumers

In this video blog Robert Johnston, a global evangelist for our retail banking software strategy discusses how: •  ATMs user interfaces have changed little in the last 20 years. ATMs are very advanced internally, [...]